Site Analysis, Site Assessment, Client Meetings, & Reverse Brief formation, ensures a concise and detailed approach to conceptual development. Working freehand, with CAD and with advanced 3D Modelling renders, we ensure that our vision is effectively conveyed to your satisfaction. 


Working together closely with our client and having created multiple sketches, we refine and finalise the conceptual development to formulate and arrive at one agreed plan. We can then begin to firm up preliminary costings and work towards the next phase being 'detailed design'. Which not only provides a confirmed plan but allows us to calculate preliminary costings. Depending on budget allowance, we may need to revisit & further amend final concept stage before proceeding with Detail Design. This will save a lot of time, effort and money!

It is much better to work this out at this point, than proceed into Detail Design, only to later realise the construction costs are way beyond project budget. Through our experience we cannot emphasise the importance of preliminary cost analysis early in the piece.




Once budgeted costs and final concepts are successfully aligned, our next step is to document the drawings to a level of detail ready for construction. We include general surfaces and arrangements, finishes, levels and grading, drainage, sections, elevations, 3D Renders, specifications, set-out plans and a well considered planting plan complete with detailed botanical information. From this point we can assist with the tender process, evaluating quotes and working towards construction project management, procurement of materials and contracts, as well as maintaining quality assurance throughout the whole of project life.